2016 harpers ferry quarter error 3241

2016 Harpers Ferry Quarter Error

2016 harpers ferry quarter error

One of the most common errors in 2016-P Harpers Ferry quarters is die wear, a phenomenon that leads to an image that appears flat and has little detail. This type of wear is only visible on a single die and is only present on the reverse side of the coin. This error also results in the central design and legend of the quarter being cut off. Instead, a glossy splotch is created in their place. This error is caused by the same die-wearing process and lacks the fine details found on normal coins.

A 2016 Harpers Ferry quarter with the error is worth about $0.25 in circulated condition. However, if it is in uncirculated condition, it can be worth as much as $1. If you have a proof quarter, it can be worth up to $15. If you can find one with a similar error, you can send it to a grading service to have it graded.

The 2016 Harpers Ferry quarter error is one of the most common errors in the U.S. Mint’s coins. Regardless of whether it is on your own or someone else’s, be sure to check your coins before you buy them. This way, you can avoid buying them and avoid a lot of problems. It is also possible to buy the correct quarters by purchasing them in bulk.

In 2016, there was a slight error in the printing of the design on the side of the coin. While the letters HARPERS FERRY are clearly visible on the reverse, the inscriptions WEST VIRGINIA and E PLURIBUS UNUM are missing. As the result, the coin doesn’t rock when placed flat on a surface. In addition, the word ‘2016’ is illegible. Despite this error, the design does not lose relief from being inside the rim of the coin.