2016 harpers ferry quarter error value 3243

2016 Harpers Ferry Quarter Error Value

2016 harpers ferry quarter error value

The 2016-P Harpers Ferry quarter is a coin with a serious die wear error. The obverse design is severely struck, and the reverse design is unrecognizable due to the die wear. The detail on the central design and side buildings has also been lost. This error can lower the value of a coin, and collectors should keep an eye out for it.

The standard 2016 Harpers Ferry quarter has a face value of $0.25, but the S, P, and D proofs can fetch as much as $1. In uncirculated condition, the same coin can fetch up to $0.75. In MS-63 and MS-65 condition, a 2016 Harpers Ferry quarter can fetch as much as $2, and a 2016 S proof is worth up to $15.

The inscription HARPERS FERRY and the words WEST VIRGINIA are illegible. The letters “E PLURIBUS UNUM” are also missing. A silver quarter, on the other hand, will bear a “S” mintmark.

The 2016 Harpers Ferry quarter’s composition includes copper, nickel, and zinc. These precious metals make it more valuable. The design of the quarter also reflects the story of the uprising of John Brown, which occurred on the site of Harpers Ferry. The abolitionist was captured and hanged there. The fort is now known as Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The park is part of the America the Beautiful quarters program.