2015 p kisatchie quarter error 3239

2015 P Kisatchie Quarter Error

2015 p kisatchie quarter error

The 2015 P Kisatchie quarter error was caused by an error in the coin’s obverse design. This resulted in an upside-down or inverted obverse design. Thankfully, the coin still has a face value of $0.25. But if you happen to own one of these coins, be sure to keep it safe and invest it wisely.

The value of a 2015 P Kisatchie quarter depends on its condition. It is only worth $0.25 in circulated condition but will sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. A MS63 or better coin is worth $1, while a MS67 or MS68 coin will be worth more than $10. An error-free 2015 P Kisatchie quarter will sell for between $0.25 and $0.75.

The Kisatchie quarter features a design that depicts a wild turkey in flight. The design also includes long-leaf pine trees and blue stem grass. This quarter also features a Washington hair tie and the Denver Mint’s “Denver” mint mark.

There are two ways to tell if a coin is a fake: you can check the date of minting. Some coins are minted by third-party companies. These companies want to sell you a coin, so they make sure it is an original. But you can’t always be sure.