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1996 Wide AM Penny Value

How much does a 1996 wide AM penny worth? A worn one is worth about a cent and a certified MS piece can fetch as much as $130. A 1996 wide AM with no mint mark, however, can be worth up to $100. In average condition, 1996 pennies can sell for $5 to $15, while an uncirculated version is worth more than that. However, you should be aware of the pitfalls of buying old pennies.

The most common variety of the 1996 Lincoln Memorial Cent is the close “AM” design. Rare variations of the “AM” are also known as wide “AM” versions. The wide version has a slightly recessed edge. These coins have a rounded edge and a curved rim. The wide version features the rim with a recessed, faceted area. The wide-AM version is a lot rarer than its close counterpart.

Wide AM reverse coins feature a more narrow space between the letters of the word “America.” These types of coins are considered valuable, but are not quite as rare as 1992 cents. Wide AM coins feature the letters in the same distance as “America.”

Rare and certified errors make the rarer versions of the 1996 Lincoln penny more valuable. A MS69RD specimen sold in an auction in 2008 is the highest-graded 1996 penny, and it’s worth anywhere from 10 to 30 cents. In general, the value of 1996 wide am pennies depends on their rarity, grading, and condition. The rarest, highest-graded 1996 pennies may be worth as much as $100.