1991 donruss ken griffey jr error card 3135

1991 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr Error Card

1991 donruss ken griffey jr error card

The 1991 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr error card is a great card to own. This card is unique because there is no period on the back of the card, and the dot is missing. The back also has some whitening and a small crease. The card’s design is still stunning, despite the error.

This card is widely available and has a very large image. However, the edges of the card are dark, making it prone to corner and edging damage. While these cards are still available, their prices have gone up significantly in recent years. This means you will likely have to pay between $10 and $25 to purchase one.

There are several ways to identify a fake Ken Griffey Jr error card. First of all, check the card’s centering. If it’s off center, it’s likely a fake. Secondly, check for dead centering. Dead centering means the card is a fake.

Inconsistency is not new for Donruss, but it showed itself more subtly in the 1989 set. There are six variations, all related to the period after “INC” and the asterisks following “DENOTES LED LEAGUE”. They’re not worth much, but they are an inexpensive curiosity for collectors and enthusiasts.

The base card of Griffey is a prime example of an error card. This card shows him in the sunshine of a foreign land, while the other cards show him in a road uniform. It also features the All-Star eagle and banners. In PSA 10 grade, the card is valued at $15 to $20.

While there are many other error cards in the 1991 Donruss Ken Griffey set, the two most valuable are the ones with the highest PSA 10 grade. These cards feature an at-bat shot that is rarer than the rest. In addition, they usually range in price from $5 to $10.

Among Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards, there are several that are highly collectible. In fact, they’re some of the best investments you can make in the hobby. The prices vary greatly, and are determined by the grade and style of the card. Among the most desirable examples of the rookie card is the 1989 Upper Deck RC #1, a PSA 10 specimen. The two autographed examples that come with PSA/DNA authentications have sold for over $23 each.