1990 topps ken griffey jr error card 3265

1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr Error Card

1990 topps ken griffey jr error

This 1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr error card is a rare card that could fetch as much as five figures in the right grade. This card is one of the earliest of Griffey’s career. It was the first card to feature the future Hall of Famer. It features his smooth left handed swing and the iconic purple border. As the first of his series of rookie cards, it was a big hit and a hot item for collectors.

This card was originally released as a promotional late issue, but later became more common. The copyright year on the back of the card helps identify it. If the card is not center-printed, it’s likely a fake. It will also have a floppy border.

The 1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr error card is one of the most collectible cards from the decade. The most desirable versions can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, be careful, as there are many sellers who will try to sell it as one of a kind. There are over a dozen printing errors on the card.

This Topps Ken Griffey Jr error card is available in a variety of sizes. Its glossy finish makes it a valuable RC, and it’s limited to 6,000 copies, which is a small number for that era. The card features a photo of Griffey taking a knee. The card also features a slightly different image than the 1989 Fleer special edition card.

The 1990 Ken Griffey Jr rookie card is worth more than a Frank Thomas rookie card, which was also in the set. The card features the full name of the player on the bottom. Although he wasn’t the hottest rookie in 1990, he quickly became one of the most popular stars of the decade.

The 1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr error card set includes eleven different cards. Most of the cards in the set feature action shots. The back of the cards feature a short biography. The set also includes a Platinum Ken Griffey Jr. card.