1976 gold bicentennial coin 2797

1976 Gold Bicentennial Coin

The 1976 gold bicentennial coin is a commemorative coin from the United States’ Centennial. This coin depicts the Grand Seal of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi with a Bicentennial decoration. It features two flags, one with thirteen stars and the other with fifty. Between the flag poles is a cracked Liberty Bell. Under the flags are the words, “Bicentennial of American Independence 1776-1976.” Lastly, the coin depicts W. Ford Harrington, the Grand Master of Masons of Mississippi from 1975 to 1976.

The two-cent coin was released in 1976 to mark the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It features updated reverse designs and a dual date of 1776-1976. In addition to the coin, a special banknote was also released for this occasion, featuring the year 1976. The commemorative banknote features 22K gold foil highlights. The 1976 gold bicentennial coin comes with a special storycard. The two-dollar bill is also featured in the commemorative issue, while the quarter features the painting “The Signing of the Declaration of Independence.”

In addition to the Bicentennial quarter, the United States Mint also released gold-plated versions of the original coins. These coins are genuine U.S. coins and come in a coin capsule. These coins were issued in 1976, and approximately 1.7 billion of them were made. These coins are now considered collectibles as they have a rich history and heritage. A 1976 gold bicentennial coin is a valuable addition to any collection.