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1964 D Lincoln Penny – How to Spot a Rare Error

1964 d lincoln penny rare l liberty on edge error

Whether you’re looking to start a collection of rare coins or are simply interested in acquiring the rarest specimens, you will find it at specialist dealers, auction houses, and internet forums. These sellers often sell graded coins, and you can trust their judgment. However, selling a 1964 D Lincoln penny can be a challenge, as the coin’s value is relatively low. To make your purchase easier, you can always find pre-graded coins at online marketplaces. Moreover, many coin collectors sell their collections at estate sales.

Many 1964 cents feature interesting errors. These include double strikes, and some are struck on a silver dime planchet. These rare coins can fetch up to $500 or more. Another error is a triple strike, which may be easy to spot. Although they’re the same size, they may appear as a bunch of coins melted together.

Among the most popular American coins, pennies are the most sought after by collectors. Their condition is an important factor in their price, but pennies are also highly valued for their conservation. Depending on their condition, grade, and patina, a 1964d penny may be worth $2 to $5!

The close AM design is hard to differentiate from the wide AM design, but magnification can help you identify the error. Magnification can also help you identify the word “Liberty” on the coin, which is the most pronounced sign of an error. Despite the difficulty in identifying an error, a 1964 D Lincoln penny in perfect mint condition can be worth around $50!

Among the other features that make a 1964 D Lincoln penny rare is its satin finish. This finish prevents the coin from being shiny or mirror-like. It also gives it sharper details and square rims. In addition, the 1964 SMS is rare due to its rim features.