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1918 Canada 5 Cents

The 1921 Canada 5 cents are among the rarest Canadian circulation coins. They are dubbed “The Prince of Canadian Coins” because of their rarity. While the total mintage was only 400 to 480 coins, the coin known as the finest specimen sold for US$115,000 at an auction in January 2010 and was then sold to a private collector for a whopping US$160K. If you’d like to buy a 1918 Canada 5 cents, the information in this article should be of great interest to you.

The first five-cent pieces were struck by the Royal Mint in London and were part of the province’s introductory coinage in 1858. They were roughly the size of American coins and were based on the half dime. In 1866, the American five-cent coin was introduced, which was larger and made from copper-nickel alloy. The smaller five-cent silver coin was eventually replaced with a larger copper-nickel coin. The Canadian five-cent silver coins continued to be small and silver until 1922.

The 1922 Canadian five-cent piece was struck in nickel-plated steel. This alloy is similar to the American nickel, but it contains a small amount of copper. The coin was debased from silver in 1922, making it the same size as a modern nickel-plated steel five-cent piece. The pre-1982 five-cent piece, however, remained a silver coin until 1947. While the modern nickel-plated steel five-cent piece is a common coin in circulation, the pre-1982 silver coin is still coveted by collectors.